Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Veterans day cookie and IVF update.

Excuse me while I avoid social media for a few days.  Not only is this blog about my infertility but if you read the phrase under my name it includes the word military.  There ya go peanuts.  It is that time of year again, Veterans Day, not to be confused with Memorial Day(a day reserved for those who gave all but idiots can't seem to understand that concept in our society yet) when people are changing profile pictures or posting photos of someone they know in the military for self gratification or when that person isn't even a veteran.

It is holidays like these that I avoid logging on Facebook or Instagram to see people who probably have never donated to or  They sure do know how to post a picture for likes though. They are taking away from the true veterans out there and its sickening.  I only make a point of it because....

1) Someone has to.

2)It royally chaps my ass because the civilian ones I'm referring to, I can guarantee have never donated a damn dime to any fundraiser relating to our military.
3)What about the other 364 days out of the year?

5)Thanks for being on a base with a Pizza Hut one time. #salty


7)Veterans day isn't about free meals. Here's a concept how about getting a meal and giving it to a homeless vet.

8)Last but not least..Just because you are married to a veteran doesn't entitle you to damn thing. You are not a veteran.

Nuke yourself.

If you are or were active duty and have or even haven't been to combat then obviously this doesn't pertain to you.  Post away you salt dogs. You deserve more than a like on a facebook picture. 

Why are you reading a blog about broken private parts? There are more funny things to read like Dear Dependa II, PogBF's, or JtToTs on the FB just to name a few of my husbands favorites. But you do you. I don't know if I'm flattered or need a shower. But it's funny nonetheless.

Sidenote- Federal law defines a veteran as being active duty, some states state 180 days of consecutive active duty services to be considered a veteran, not to get anal but you get my point. Some points need to be made.   So those of you posting look at me or this person I know in my playtime dress up uniform for likes need to STAHP.  It is freaking incredibly rude and I want to punch you in the face. There are men out there who have jumped on grenades to save their brothers during combat for example this hero Kyle Carpenter ie brave American badass.  He jumped on a fucking grenade(sorry freaking wouldn't do) for the love of God. Oh hey I'm at Walmart and someone tosses a grenade by me and someone else. My ass is running as fast as I can like they are giving away free Jimmy Johns outside. But to jump on it to save someone else WHAT!?? I can't even. 

They do more than flip pancakes in the kitchen of a navy ship posting selfies of how hard their four years in the national guard or reserves was. If you flip pancakes on a ship don't take it personal. We all need to eat. And I like pancakes. With blueberries or chocolate chips though.

In short I would like to clarify that veterans are fucking awesome. Our Marine Corps(Happy belated Birthday) is bad ass and our military is number one.  I tear up at the National Anthem or whenever Taps is played.  

I don't need to post a million pictures of myself sitting at home eating Ben & Jerry's, watching the Notebook, posting status' about how my husband is deployed or a veteran trolling for sympathy or likes.  I'm not any "cooler" I could care less how many likes or people "follow" me hence why my IG is private. And I hate facebook.  And I don't get on IG much anymore so don't take it personal if I'm not liking the shit out of your photos. Here's some to last you for awhile. 

All in all I'm  a stellar people person and I swear more than my husband thinks is appropriate. So if you have gotten to the end of this post and think I am saying not to honor our "veterans" then you should never read my blog again. Actually you should never read any personal blog. Ever. As in never ever. The ship is out to sea and you are still standing on the dock. Thank you to the badass veterans whom I respect so much.


Lets just keep going with an update.....

I remember wondering about how hard IVF would be and if I could do more than one fresh cycle and to be completely honest with you now that I have actually done it I can give a personal opinion. 
It fucking sucked. 

Wait for it........but...I could do it at least ten more times if we could afford it. Paying for IVF makes it a million times more stressful and if it were free I would keep doing it over and over until my doctor told me to give up. #truth  Yea giving shots to myself in the bathroom at work sucked balls and driving 5 hours just for blood work and a trans-vaginal ultrasound wasn't a pizza party. The raging hormones weren't pretty( I might have ripped a paper map up of the resort where our USMC ball was in the truck and threw it at my husband for a split second) so there's that.  But I was fairly normal the rest of the time considering.  No constant migraines and my RE is a bad ass and he didn't over stim me with medications and the constant checkups were actually great so I didn't end up with OHSS or any severe side effects. Silver lining to the 1200 miles I drove in 7 days.

And I don't need a pat on the back or I would have posted on my instagram daily shot pictures if that were the case but I think its important to understand why I am easily aggravated sound like a bitch about Veterans day and besides the fact that I always speak my mind regardless if  my E2 levels were 2800 Saturday morning at my RE appointment.

Also that in the second tri your hormones are crazier than the third. Learned something new.

Not sorry for being on edge this week if you haven't figured it out, I finished stimming on Saturday.  I was driving 5 hours to my IVF clinic at 5am and then coming home and going to work until 10pm and repeat.

I also was trying to squeeze in my etsy business.

Followed by the 3 am night at the Marine Corps ball that evening when we triggered. Worked on Sunday. 
So that was fun.  This isn't me bragging about working or my etsy. We are actually IVF poor like you. For example...
Us at our IVF clinic.

Then on Monday morning at 7:30 am this happened. So if I haven't gotten back to you this week that could explain why. No big deal.

I covered my face because there are freaks who like to steal pictures on the world wide web.

I had 17 eggs on Saturday but when I woke up in recovery Monday, 9 was the number my doctor said were the best ones. Two of them being too big and he already knew they wouldn't fertilize but took them anyways. So really we had 7. Was I a little upset? Honestly hell yes. But 7 is better than 1 and I am not going to be the girl who complains on the blog about only 7 when I know girls who get only 1 or none.  It just was more shocking because I responded so well to all the meds and my numbers were great and the ultrasounds showed so many and my only issue so far was the endometriosis so it made me think that there might be another underlying issue with my eggs.  Then my doctor called and as of yesterday all 7 fertilized and he had high hopes that they would continue to grow. Huge relief. Thankful for the 7. Moving on.

So now what?

Now we wait. Something we are used to. But the waiting isn't very long this time so the anxiety is through the roof at this point.  My doctor will call Thursday to let us know if they are growing like he wants and to keep letting them grow until Saturday for a 5 day transfer or if we need to come in that afternoon for a 3 day transfer.  We are hoping for a 5 day. But will obviously take what we get. Duh.

I am not sure if or when I will post good or bad news but hopefully you will understand and respect our privacy regarding our results in the next few weeks especially since our family is so far away. And thank you to everyone who has emailed, called, texted, and supported us by donating to our fundraiser or even medication like my girl Megan.  You all are amazing and we love you. (not just the estrogen talking)

Until then remember your day isn't as bad as......

Being chased by a hippo

A bird shitting on your head.  Twice.

Amanda Bynes.

This kid with no friends.

Her shoulder.

The guy in charge of driving this fork lift carrying a bomb.


  1. If they all fertilized, girl- you've got some good odds on your side. Thinking of ya, xoxo

  2. Thanks. It's certainly a huge relief. 15 more hours. 15 more hours......

  3. SO excited for you! I am rooting for a 5dt! I think I had the same feeling as you though this past weekend. We went in with 22 eggs and got 10. My dr. said the other ones didn't have eggs in the follicles. Before the retrieval he was bound and determined to do a 5dt and then after the surgery we went to 3dt. My big follies didn't have eggs inside. Where the hell did they go!? I need to ask if that's 'normal'. Caught me off guard. That is an amazing mature rate though! 7 for 7!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you. It's YOUR turn!! XO

  4. Thinking & praying for you guys as you go through this journey/rough road.