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Infertile Twin Mom's Top 10 Baby Buys

So you're knocked up. Finally. Or maybe surprisingly. Surpriseeee....We hate you. Just kidding. Either way. This is going to be the list of the $hit you should be buying for your bebes. Or if you have to attend a disgusting baby shower(yuck) the parents will love you for purchasing any one of these things even if they don't realize it until the time comes. Aka the shit hits the fan. Literally....and figuratively. Maybe just the bed or if you're lucky to catch it in your hand you are one step ahead. Make sure you cover that boy up with something before you get sprayed in the face at 2am too. It happens. A lot. Especially around here when you just put on a new outfit.  

Since we hit the IVF lottery and we are blessed with two little minions this list will be geared towards twins but most items are for one baby as well.  If you're having triplets. God bless you. I don't know how you trip mom and dads survive. Coffee. Buckets of coffee I'm sure. And a whole lot of mombie. 

So let's get to it. The boys are sleeping so that gives me an hour to knock this out. Who am I kidding...I'll be holding one in ten minutes. 

1) First off the holy crap we are actually having a baby list are Rock N Play Sleepers. 
The ones with the automatic rocking mechanism are what I'm referring to here. Our boys slept in the Twin Pack n Play(won't need this for another 6 months) for one night. Yep. One whole night. Then they slept back and forth with us in our bed(ahh I know what a travesty...the horror..oh no she didn't) and back to the rock n plays. You can carry them around the house from room to room while you make more bottles or fold laundry in the living room. They are light weight and small enough for travel. They are inclined and move like I said   a u t o m a t i c a l l y. Duh. Definitely buy this one. Or like me. Two. I scored two on Black Friday from Target for around $50 free shipping. They normally run around $70-$80 each for this version. Thank me later. 

2)Must Have Remedies & NoseFrida
Next up. I grouped these into one picture and called them the starting lineup. Buy all of this crap. Thats where you need to start.  No brainer.  If they make gripe water in buckets please email me and let a sista know where to score that motherload. Tummy troubles, colic, fussy babies, sleeping husband....wait. Just kidding. Doesn't work on that. But really, all of these things will work like magic. Not on the husband though. You're on your own with that. I'm only one person. Call Dr. Phill or someone.  Geez. Get off my back. 

The NoseFrida is the tube suction looking thing which is in short a snot sucker. It works amazing and when your little ones come down with a cold because they will no matter how much hand sanitizer or soap you use or Clorox "wiped" your house is. The little jerks.  They. Will. Get. Sick. Eventually. 

The chest rub smells amazing and it's all natural so slab that crap on like there's no tomorrow. (With everything use with caution according to what's on the label. I'm not claiming to be a medical profesh over here these are just what I use for my boys and it's not my fault if you overdose your kid because you're a moron.)  I found everything above at Walmart except the Nose Frida. You can get it on Amazon, BabiesRUs and other places for around $15 dollars. It's called Google people. Again only one person. 

3) Boppy or Newborn Boppy Lounger orrrr Splurge on a Twin Table for Two. 
I was gifted both a boppy and lounger or I would have just bought 2 of the newborn lounger versions instead of having one of each. On the lounger version the boys don't slip down like on the regular boppy. I put something under mine to help with that annoyance. I also prop a pillow up behind them when feeding to give them more of an angle. I always hold them to feed them from a bottle but when you have twins they will wake up once you start feeding one, be starving and then get impatient and start screaming so this works best for me. 

If I had the money to splurge the "Table for Two" looks awesome! I would definitely get that. I didn't know it existed until a few weeks ago or that bad boy would be sitting on my bed right now with two hungry hippos in it.  It even has the padding to prevent them from slipping. So if you have an extra $270 dollars to blow. Blow it on that and not on a fancy crib that they won't sleep in right away or a stupid crib bedding set. I didn't do either of those things for the record. Just sayin. 

4)Double Snap n Go Stroller
This is the easiest, most convienant stroller to use when it comes to lugging around two babies. And by yourself. I would buy this ten times over if I had too. Lucky for me and my thirftiness(aka èl cheapó) I found mine at a yard sale/Craigslist for $40 bucks. Totally worth the $80 though even if it's just being used while they are in infant car seats. Side note -my next stroller is the City Select Double Jogger just in case you are wondering. I've been wanting that since the Titanic sank. I'll never let go either. 

5)Zipper SleepnPlays
Ok people listen up. Zipper freaking everything and anything. Especially when you have twins or more. Those people who buy you the pajamas or outfits with a million stupid buttons. Punch them in the face. Not really. You can thank them and in your head pretend to punch them in the face. Unless it's the most adorable thing you have ever seen. I have two of those. And they get a free pass. But what I'm really talking about here is pajamas. No one wants to be Mrs. Buttons Alot at 12am, 2am, 4am and 6am(if you're lucky to have boys that wake up to eat every two hours going on 8 weeks). She's stupid and you will end up not buttoning them half the time by 4am when on baby number two. Now Miss Zipper Quickly. You will want to be her. She's the best. The boys only wear zipper sleepers or gowns. Don't leave Mrs. It'snotadressit'sa Gown (insert husbands name) David out. She's pretty awesome too. In and out. Like you're robbing a bank. But no money is involved. Just pee and poop. And you don't want to get shot. 

6)Vicks Vaporizer
Pretty self explanatory. See sick baby reference above on numbers 2&3. We also have a nice humidifier as well in our room. But this with the liquid vaporizer stuff you pour in does magic as well on the noses. 
7)Microwave Sterilizer
Because. Germs. Pour some water in it throw all your thousands of annoying Dr. Brown bottle parts in it and toss it in the microwave to sterilize while your water is boiling for formula or breast milk is warming. 
8)Aden&Anais Blankets
What can't be done with these things is the real question. Swaddle, nursing cover, blanket, cover a boppy or anything you want to lay the babies on, burp cloth,      a pillow under moms neck when sleeping on the couch after an all night feeding session because she can't reach a pillow and can't move or she might wake up both babies. These are around $30 at Target for a 3 pack. I have 6 total and that number is plenty for twins.

Because they are hands down the best burp cloths you will use. I also have two laying on a blanket on the bed for all the overnight diaper changes every 2-3 hours. My quilt thanks me. So does my washer. 

10)Moby Wrap
Pick up crying fussy newborn. Place him in Moby. End of crying fussy newborn. I hear some babies rarely don't like this. Both mine love it. And who doesn't love hands free. I also have the Twingaroo carrier but the boys are only a few days shy of 2 months old and too little for that just yet. Also. Spend the money and buy an Ergo if you are looking for a carrier. Trust me. Don't go èl cheapó on this one. Your back is worth every penny. You're welcome. 

So that concludes my Top Ten things you need to survive at least the first six months of twins or a singleton baby. 

I could have added honorable mention. A teapot. But that's only if you're using formula to supplement(which I am) and I didn't want to go through a hundred comments about breast is best etc etc. Mermmy warzzz. I wish I didn't have to but I do. End of story. But I use that 12 dollar teapot everyday so it would be number 11 on the list. 

Along with number 12 a small portable heater for bath time because we like a warm spa like bath experience around here. With essential oils as well going in a diffuser. 

So that's it. Print this off or write a few down. Pinky promise you won't regret buying these things. 

I should be posting my birth plan or birth story whatever those dumb things are called. Mine wasn't really a plan. It was an unplan if you will kind of like my whole building a family plan. I'm working on a post now. But the boys are doing great. Had a little cold(told ya) but are feeling better now. I'll leave you with some newborn photo spam. And yes I need to change my blog header. I know. Baby steps yall.  Gotta go!

Bye for now. 

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