Friday, April 18, 2014

PCS and Flip phones.

We met with our realtor yesterday.  That was fun. If by fun I mean dipping a dull needle in acid and jamming it into your pressure points fun. The builders have backed up the dump truck of manuer and shit on all the homeowners equity here in Onslow County, NC. How kind of them.  We are talking grandpa needs a triple bypass clog. Our house may be worth 155k dollars but we would need the stars to align under a full blood moon while raising the dinosaurs from the dead to sell for anything over 120,000. And that would take two years. Yes the market here is that awesome. Lucky. 

However,  there is no need to join the negative equity pity party.  According to Vanilla Ice if there was a problem yo' he'd solve it. So we are taking on that mantra minus those sick rap lyrics and highlighted hair.  

Enter our back up plans.  Whenever you are PCSing, it's a good idea to always think of the worst possible scenario and how the heck you are going to get through it. 

Case in point. 
Problem: May 15th rolls around and our house is still sitting on the market (not rented) but D has to check into Fort Leonard Wood regardless if a meteor just struck the earth and a mile high tsunami is headed for the east coast. Ok. Maybe then he would get an extra day. But you get the point. 

Solution: Cry. That too.  What would also happen is D would go to MO and stay with another Marine we know sans Rachel until our house is filled with renters.  Reality is we cannot pay two mortgages especially with the whole IVF debacle approaching. 

Which leads us to more solutions. Getting rid of car payments. And ready for it......bah bah bahmmm. Cellular devices. Good bye iPhones. Hello 1999 flip phone. Not really. But when you go from an iPhone to let's say just a cell phone for text and talking its major around here. And me just stating that confirms the issue that there is a problem. Time to cut the cord.  Plus we both have iPads so the travesty isn't what it seems. Wifi is the new data plan. 

<<Please share what you have done to save money for IVF?? TIA!>>

So with all this cutting the cords and cars crap (We were blessed by our amazing grandma who gave us her old Yukon.  Shoutout to grandma! Although she's probably playing slot-o-mania and is on a three day winning streak and won't see this for months.  Either way she rocks.))  this allows us to save for IVF.  With finding a new place in Missouri, dragging our whole life across the country in a Uhaul and realtor fees for our current home it allows us to try to finally become parents sooner than later.

One last thing. Kind of important. We are also selling shirts through a fundraiser website called Tfund.

Little did I know you could change the goal of how many we will sell in 21 days. So I pledged the maximum of 275. Lol whoops. Either way we have sold enough already for them to be printed. So if you would like to spend 20 bucks on a tee shirt for our test tube babies I couldn't thank you enough. We do not know how many fresh IVF cycles we will have to get through and so we are trying to prepare however we can. Hence the cars and phones going away.  If you don't have 20 dollars to spare, tell a rich friend, let's say Ellen? if she's your bestie that also works. 

This is obviously something we care about greatly and even though I joke around 90% of the time it's honestly my way of dealing with the craziness of infertility. Plus it is NIAW(National Infertility Awareness Week) so you would be helping spread the word of infertility and then maybe one day when our insurance companies get their act(shit) together they will cover not only birth control and abortion pills but IVF for responsible, married, tax paying adults who just want a chance at a family.

But for now it's flip phones and selling tee shirts. Get on my level. 


  1. Boo to builders and shitting on equity. Grr. A little money saving advice.. things we have tried/are going to try in order to pay off our massive IVF debt (thank you insurance assholes).

    Hulu and Netflix instead of cable. Cable is stupid expensive.. like a freaking monopoly. You can get 99% of the stuff on watch between Hulu and Netflix for 1/4 of the price!
    The other thing we do which is helped tremendously is meal planning. We make a dinner/calendar plan for each month.. and I go to the grocery store once at the beginning of the month. Now, I do make a small stop here and there for fruits, veggies, milk, etc.. but I have found that I save money by only making one large trip a month. I don't buy as much unneeded stuff. When I went weekly, I would buy "snack" stuff we didn't need every single time.. now I just do it once! And we cut back on the whole going out to eat thing. Once a week (Saturday night), if that. It isn't a huge savings, but it is something.. and at this point, every little thing helps!

    I know.. not exciting ideas, but something!

    1. Great ideas! We do netflix too. And also meal planning. Breakfast and lunches made on Sundays for the whole week. However right now with packing up the kitchen that might be on hold lol! Thanks for the ideas! I'm sure someone else could use those ones too!!!