Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shortest post ever. YouTube video update.

Back so soon?...I know. You are probably sick of hearing me talk about myself so much.  I know I am. So lets switch it up.

I finally got off my lazy ass finished the second part of "Our Infertility Journey"...blah blah blah. I know its loaded with cheese but I couldn't leave my YouTube faithfuls hanging on an infertile limb wondering if I ever got knocked up. Besides I first started vlogging before blogging anyways. And I needed to finish a part two for the part one. Plus I need something to show our kids in 14 years when they are crying about not getting a new car for their birthday and saying how much we don't love them. "Here's your new car punk"((shows them their IVF a bills and walks away like a boss)). 

So if you want to endure four minutes of briefly skimming over an IVF cycle making it look like a cake walk you can click the YT button on the right side of my screen at the top or you can just click here. Yes mom...right where it says "here".  

There was only so much I could cram in to the four minutes and a lot of things like saying "OH MY MOTHER TRUCKING GAWD it worked. It actually worked!

Or....the fact that I say things like "don't look back" or "never give up". I'm sure you're thinking its easy for me to say those things seeing that I am pregnant AND with twins now. But believe me. I've always said those things. I gritted my way through annoying baby showers. (Hello never having one of those awful things. You're welcome). I sat bleeding at a funeral losing our baby. I went to many treatments alone because my husband well...was at war. So if anyone has been through it with infertility(raises hand) not to sound like I know everything or is one upping you on the infertile factor scale(who does that) I just don't ever want to come off as "hey you, suck it up you little crybaby" and all pregnant and shit with twins now. That's not what I'm saying at all when I try to be encouraging or sarcastic. Mostly sarcastic. Please pray for my unborn children. 

The past seven years of infertility and what it brought were hard. Not like trying to beat my husband in a game of Madden hard. But fucking hardest thing I've ever went through in my life hard. Even harder to losing a family member or even harder than losing my Max. But we did it. It's over and every day I am so incredibly grateful to get to carry these babies. Where is my damn cookie?

And probably some other things I left out like. How ridiculous it is that some insurances doesn't cover ART.

Ok stop me while I'm not in rantville. Let's just say I left out a lot. Cool. 

Oh and for my grammar police I had a few typos after hours of reading over and over and still I failed.  I need a better program for videos that Rachelify the typos.  However I am uploading the new edited copy now.  I know you creeps won't mind. Sorry I deleted the first. 

So Enjoy! Or don't. I'll jus be over here all "pregnant and shit with twins". (I need help). Good lord. 

K. Bye for now!

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