Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blog Tutorials Tips and Tricks

Oh hey blogging world. Time to switch it up this week and not talk about my vagina and reproductive organs or lack thereof.  Not that I don't have a vagina, awkward, I am so sorry dad, if you are or have been reading this blog.  Honesty has always been my best policy we just have to work on the grace part.
Happy early fathers day by the way if its any consolation just do not read the next line.
Take that Denise, favorite daughter award over here and its on a public blog. Championship.

Lets talk less about my choice of words involving my privates and more about that Hitler mustache and unbuttoned chest hair.  Granted this was taken in 1982 when you were just a kid starting out in the Army but seriously please don't ever repeat this look. Ever. That means Forrrr. Everrrr.  ;)

Brief update on the home front is that I am on CD 7 which means nothing to those of you just logging in to see if I am finally pregnant yet, so you can stop reading me complain about not being pregnant.  Good thing I didn't start this five years ago.  Basically that means go to.....yea...well. Lets try that again. Basically that means I am about a week away from IUI #3. I go in Tuesday for my pre-IUI ultrasound appointment to check follicle sizes to determine if I need more hormone raging, educed drugs in the form of a shot. Fun. Or if I am good to go and just need to come back a few days later for my next round of liquid sperm pleasure shot. More fun.  Less about pleasure more about happy little Michael Phelps gold medalist swimmers. Did I mention there are 6 million of those guys, how about one of you make it to the finish line. (**in my best Leslie Chow from the Hangover voice) To-dah-loo. See ya next week gay boyyzzz." 

So what I really wanted to do this week is let you in on some tricks of the trade that I have learned on my own in this little blogging world. I am worthless when it comes to tutorials and handing out directions(I get lost in a paper bag) so lets just play it safe and keep this to a six year old learning curve for those of us that are a tad slow.  Like myself who has to Google words just to spell check them because my iPhone's spell checker cannot even figure out what I am trying to say.  Yes all of that is true.

If you noticed in the upper right hand corner of my home page these fancy little buttons.  I snagged them for free over at  you can then head over to for a quick and easy tutorial on how to apply them to your blog! I use photobucket to save and upload the free images, just an FYI.  You will understand once you head over to Elirose's page. You can also just google "free social media buttons" and see which ones come up that you may like even better and then use the same tutorial to add them to your blog.

My next favorite stop in the bogging world is this little gem called Code it Pretty! I used her page to find just about anything when it came to spicing up my little slice of internet pie. Specifically my Pinterest widget board that is also on my sidebar on the right side of my blog. You can go here to Pinterest widget tutorial and she lays it out plain as day on how to score one of these bad boys for your page.  

While you are there you can also learn how to add a cool signature image to your blog like mine below which I made in Photoshop Elements(free trial here) along with my custom header that I also and whipped up, saved then I uploaded that (.png) image to Photobucket and used this tutorial Signature for Blogger to add it to my blog.

Two thumbs up to you Marie Mosley for being so awesome! (and no I am not getting paid to do or say any of this, however I would not turn any money down) Ok? Ok. Lets carry on. 

A few other honorable mentions goes to for their awesome blog tutorials. Just remember blogger has evolved now so some tutorials can be confusing even though they still work the same. Still some awesome tutorials to show you the ropes and add some personal style to your page.

Fotoflexer is a free online image editor that works like Photoshop elements in some ways. Its worth checking out to play around with images. To create maybe a button or new header! I mean its free people what more do you want? I know, I know.  To make it for us would be pretty flipping spectacular.  Quit being lazy America.  Make the damn banner yourself. 

You can go here to Her and Nicole:Tutorials to learn how to then center that new custom header that you just whipped up.  Or else it will look like you took some hits of acid and tried to hammer out a new blog header.  

I use statcounter to check out who, where, when, and how people get to and from my blog.  Its funny to check out stats like when someone Google searches: "infertile private parts" and reaches your blog. Or it can be terrifying what you will find. Aka whoever was looking for "vagina sperm shooter" I can or will not do that. Just so we are clear on where my vagina capabilities stand.  You sick little freaks.

I am sure I will think of more things tomorrow but this thunderstorm has my pups up my butt-hole and we could lose power any minute.....and save.  So for now I wanted to add this awesome little app I found a few weeks ago and I use it to create and doodle on my images all the time. Many of them I post on my blogs. Guess what? You can too!  I use my iPad just because its easier but whatever works for you? The app is called "A Beautiful Mess."  It is the pink one that the arrow is pointing to below.  Just remember it is addicting and you will find yourself hours and a few bed sores later with nothing accomplished in your life except some cool new images with doodles and text drawn all over them.  Tell your husband I am sorry. Good luck.

This is one of my A Beautiful Mess creations that I shared on IG with this really good read I purchased a month ago! It is totally worth the buy if you are dealing with infertility.

I can't leave without mentioning this little nerd and my awesome yard sale find. I got this swing(retails for $150.00) and the matching bouncer(retails for $50.00) both of them for $70.00 bucks.  Just seeing Meia sit in the swing while it was on was worth that alone.  If you are really bored you can click on my new YT button and see her do just that.  I don't blame you if you don't.  Its just a dog sitting in a swing.  However a very cute dog you jerk.

Just like this old guy who got his hair cut and looks so handsome.  I literally was in tears because he looked so young and so different.  Getting old sucks.  Can they just make some special Walt Disney potion and let our pets grow old with us already?!

Like I said these three are up my you know what from the thunderstorm and its way past my bedtime!  So, until next time folks! Have a Happy Fathers Day to all the dads/dads to be of the world(even though there are probably none reading this, if you have a dad, or husband or father like figure give him a hug and tell him how much he is appreciated!  I will be sending mine an air hug from NC to PA since I am still building that time travel machine(chels)!

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