Monday, June 24, 2013

What It's Really Like

Well folks, its the 2ww down time torture again.  I wanted to put my version of the "What my so and so thinks," meme that I see floating around online all the time about infertility.  And yes some of these are not also funny but also in a sense true.  Except dear ole "Octomom" over here.  Those poor babies.  That is all I can say about that, besides her being a freak and giving infertility a bad rep.  No one on Gods green earth that is sanely infertile would ever let a Dr. put 8 embryos inside her.  Key word is sane folks.  Let us remember this lovely mom went on to make a porno. Enough said, lets get to it. One week down! One more to go!


What society thinks I do.

What my friends think I do. True on CD1-7  or on days when you hear Kim K. and Snookie got pregnant.

What my husband thinks I do. Especially online.

 What my family thinks I do. Very true but this is not me everyday. Or every month matter of fact.  I am holding up pretty darn well in the land of empty womb.

What IVF looks like.  God Bless my IVF gals. Especially the ones who do this more than once. 

What my RE appointments feel like.  Ok, ok,  this is half joking because everything is in his hands. But when you start paying for procedure after procedure appointments start to feel like a lottery to me. Lets pick x, y, xx, xy, xx and lets make the powerball BFP.  Thanks.

What its really like.


  1. LOVE this post. You. ARE. AMAZING! And God bless us and our hormones, our uteruses, and our RE's.

    PS That "its not fair" GIF is about me every 6 hours. Hello, hormones. And Eff you, 2ww.

  2. I agree with everything you wrote! You have a talent for writing. Wishing for your BFP soon!! Those RE's drive me nuts too... it's like getting a wax. How bad is this one going to hurt?!?! (ttcgarnerbaby)

  3. Hang in there! Hope your 2wwflies by.,thanks for sharing the Pixar video.

  4. Hope your 2ww goes by fast and you are able to get some rest~!