Friday, April 19, 2013

Disclaimer and Silver Lining

I feel like before I go any further that I should have some sort of disclaimer. I don't want anyone following along to think that I am out in public, standing on a soap box, while crushing some cymbals together and  tooting my own horn. Now that I mention it (Google search: Where to buy cymbals?). I guess theoretically that's what a personal blog is all about.

 My purpose here for the most part, is to give my own experiences to the general fertile public to shed an ounce of light on what it is like to deal with infertility everyday. Yes it is everyday. Please refer back to my prior post and the statement about not understanding unless you live it.  Your welcome.

I do not need virtual sympathy, fifteen minutes of fame or a million faithful followers waiting for my next inspiring but genius post. Which then in turn renders those followers to be let down when they log in and see that I wrote about an ingrown infected arm pit hair.  Which is probably more entertaining to some of you that stumbled across here by accident.

Even though I have been trying for many years now, my road hasn't been as hard as it could have been. Thank you military deployments. I knew there was always a silver lining somewhere. I haven't been down the road of IVF and I am just starting my IUI in a few days.  I sometimes feel inadequate of this blog to be writing about such a personal and emotional topic when time has been my biggest issue. There is always something to be thankful for in some way as disgustingly positive as that sounds to my fellow pessimists.  Myself included. It still hurts just as much, I am still childless after five years, but thankfully I have finally been able to move on to bigger baby steps. If IVF was free I would like to think I would be on my third child by now. But unfortunately for most couples struggling with infertility it is not. More on that later.

I only felt the need to open my big fat mouth because I thought it might help someone.  Whether it is saving someone like me from hearing the wrong "advice" at the wrong time.  Sharing a word of advice to those women just starting out along this journey. Or connecting with someone that can relate to just one of my personal experiences. I consider that a win. The free therapy and venting to the world doesn't hurt either and I love all your comments. Soap box or imaginary internet soap box, just one person. That is all I need.

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