Saturday, April 20, 2013

Do Not Ignore Our Struggle

As you know, my upcoming IUI is this week. My first appointment is Monday, so wish me luck, please! With that said, I think that it is pretty awesome that I get to experience what I consider my first real chance of creating a life during NIAW. (National Infertility Awareness Week!) Work with me people. I am trying to find positives here. You may not even know what Resolve is or what NIAW is all about. Good news is I am about to tell you.

Its about not ignoring infertility. But mostly about not ignoring me or someone you know like me.  Lets not forget to mention the 7.3 million American women living with infertility.

Infertility is caused by many things; Endometriosis, Male Factor, PCOS, Annovulation, Pre-Menopausal,  Luteal Phase Defect etc. These are all genetically caused diseases that we are born with however insurance companies have decided to toss us in the trash.  There are only 15 states that mandate infertility to be covered.  There is also this little thing called your husband is active duty military and having Tricare blows. I can get a boob job(not judging I think boobs are great), gastro bypass(I have a family memeber who did this), erectile dysfunction and Viagra all paid for by your very own tax dollars. But we had to pay 350 dollars for my husband to have sex with a cup. His words, not mine, for the record. Thank you Tricare. My husband has been to Afghanistan almost more than he has been home. Yes that is is his job, but why doesn't he deserve an insurance to cover something that is genetic?? Lets not even get into how many anthrax and overseas shots that they have pumped into his body with not knowing if it is affecting our ability to have a child!  As a married, self sufficient,  hard working, home owning, tax paying, sacrificing couple we are denied the infertillity coverage that we need! That leaves me disgusted and enraged and it should you too! Not just for us but for everyone not covered by their own insurance.

 Millions of couples have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in treatments to just have ONE CHANCE at becoming pregnant. This isn't paying for a new car and taking your new car home deal. This is thousands of dollars being tossed in the wind at a CHANCE. A freaking CHANCE to have a baby! Must I explain again all the physical and emotional pain that goes into one IVF cycle! The time off of work, the needles, the fertility drugs, the stress of not knowing the outcome. I could go on and on. Are you with me people?!! Tell me again how that is suppose to make sense?? Tell me that if it was your daughter or your son, your sister or your brother, just how much more you could take?? It is time for our government to make some changes people. It starts with you. Write a representative, show up at a rally, walk for a cause, share your story. It is time to stop ignoring infertility. I will put the link below where you can find out more information on how to help make changes in our government through Resolve.

Now that I have counted to 100 and calmed down before my head exploded into outer space. Aka took a shot of Tequila  Not really. Trying to make a baby over here.  But the thought was refreshing. Let us carry on.

 Some other ideas for showing your support can include painting your nails(pink and blue) or sharing a blog about infertility via a social network.  Attend a local event.  Make a donation. Wear a ribbon, shirt or scarf. Heck be brave, go all out and represent with matching bra and undies. Honestly its not really showing your support. Unless you are a stripper at the Driftwood(local strip club). In that case you probably got Tricare to cover those money makers. So a high five to you.  Live and let live Rachel. Too each their own. Too each.......their own.

NIAW.  It is one week starting on the 21st of April. We are not asking much here people! There is The Family Act ( S 965/HR 3522) which was introduced in Congress in May of 2011 and would offer a tax credit on IVF. Advocacy day is being held on May 8th in Washington DC to try to keep this bill from dieing. Please do what you can to see that it gets passed this year! Get involved. I challenge you!!

So go ahead support and share away my little minions. Tupac won't be mad at cha' and neither will I.

State Mandated Insurance

Tricares UNcoverage

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