Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Infertile Deployment/Dog Hoarding Problems

Hello. My name is Rachel and I am a dog hoarder. 1st step. Admittance.

My three fur children!

This is Max, my almost 12 yr. old Golden. My first love.

This is my 3 yr. old baby girl, Meia. My heart.

And then there was Barry. Our problem child.
Deployment homecoming number 3 and dog number 3. Are you catching on?

Thank you Barry Sanders. Thank you very much.
Rule number one. Never leave a  tissue unattended.
I like to run away during storms. Good times.

But never forget how cute I am.

And if my husband sees this. I am sorry love. Muah ha ha.

Finally, this is what its like to visit my sister in PA..also a dog connoisseur. We lubs our doggy cousins. 

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