Friday, May 10, 2013

Expect The Unexpected

If you have read and watched my previous blog/video then I shouldn't have to explain the title of this new post. It was an eventful week to say the least.

It always helps to lift your spirit when you get surprise mail from people who love you. Thanks to my sister for the tree and AC for awesome scarf and earrings. Love you guys!
I made three trips on base to try and obtain a new military ID so I could see my doctor and get a Beta.  A military ID is basically our insurance card and it is the first thing they ask for at our clinic.  My 1172 form(a paper that allows a person to get a new/renew ID without a spouse present) was expired by three days, I went back with my POA and it was also expired.  I live almost an hour from base.  By Wednesday I was unofficially two days late.  Not that I didn't realize what was going to happen eventually would.  I like definite answers and scientific evidence or proof if you will.  I was not going to drive the 70 miles to my clinic only to be turned away because my ID card was expired.  I also would like to mention that my tests Thursday morning were negative.  Nothing.  Not even the faintest line.  I was given the idea by my genius SIL and also my friend "K$Lupe" of going to an Urgent Care office, paying 20 bucks and getting a beta done there without an ID.  Brilliant plan.  Until I started bleeding like Mt. St. Helens on my way there. Not their fault at all. Just my luck.

 This is my life.  Expect the unexpected at all times in any situation. I would like to thank the Army and the Marine Corps for the ability to adapt and overcome at a moments notice. Or better yet my father and husband.  We are suppose to be Semper Gumby. Which means "Always Flexible."

At this point in time all I could do was laugh to keep from crying. I was over the disappointment. The emptiness was already settled in.  Yet, all I could do was laugh.  I think I have gone Britney crazy for real this time.  No I am pretty sure at this point someone should be chasing me down and placing me in a straight jacket.

After throwing away one, out of the hundred pairs of black capri tights I own and putting on some sexy sweats, I immediately called my doctor.  My sweet nurse called me back and I gave her all the information and my request to have more testing done, laparoscopy included before pursuing another IUI.  She told me she would let my RE know and they would call me back Friday with a new plan. I then poured myself an adult beverage and sat outside frying in the sun. Totally healthy.

As of this morning, my husband was finally able(let me mention he works 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for 7 months straight) to walk forever in 90 degree heat to an office where he is deployed,  filled out and emailed me a new POA.  Which in turn let me get my new ID.  I am officially a legal spouse again.  So big thank you to D because I am picking up all my prescriptions tomorrow and I know it wasn't just a simple task to ask of him.   I probably shouldn't mention that I got on base two times with an expired ID.  The sticker on my car was good, so I am sure its not a huge red flag when a little white girl in her pink, chevron striped, scarf and Toyota corolla pulls up to the gate.  For now I would just like to let myself think that I am a badass.  Living on the edge.  Breaking laws one expired ID at a time.   

So this badass got a call back today.  Hysterosalpingogram. A hyster what???  A HSG from here on out.  To sum it up they shoot some fancy dye up into your vagina into your uterus and then it will/should go into your fallopian tubes since they are connected.  They use a fancy camera to take pictures of this whole process to see if your tubes are blocked. If your tubes are blocked then yes you guessed it no egg or sperm will not pass go and will not collect 200 dollars. It can also determine if something may be wrong with your uterine lining preventing the fertilized egg from attaching.

I copied this next part from online about an HSG which can also: find problems in the uterus, such as an abnormal shape or structure, an injury, polyps, fibroids, adhesions, or a foreign object(like what did you slip and fall on your Wii controller while playing Dance Dance Revolution?? Really??  I wish they would have explained that one more in detail) in the uterus. These types of problems may cause painful menstrual periods or repeated miscarriages.

This is happening Wednesday around noon.  I am starting back on my Femera 7.5mg tomorrow and antibiotics for the HSG.  They prescribed me some hard core pain pills Valium and Norco which I was told to take an hour before and then after.  Easy to do if I wasn't driving myself.  After talking to all of my IG ladies that have done this procedure they reassured me that I will be able to drive on my own afterwards.  I will just wait until I am home before I start popping my happy pills.  The pain apparently varies greatly depending on what they find or how gentle the person doing the HSG is.  Some said they were curled up in a ball of pain after and couldn't drive.  I am hoping mine will be smooth sailing done by a person with many years of experience.  Or I am popping those pills as soon as I can pull my pants back on and hoping not to kill anyone on the hour and half drive home.  Kidding.  A little.  If you haven't heard from me in a few weeks assume I hightailed it to Mexico until the news of the hit and run calms down.

But seriously what is a little tube filled with alien dye up your private parts anyways?  I have a huge rib cage tattoo that took hours of needles digging into my skin, like someone was stabbing directly into my bone.  I am sure it is uncomfortable and the cramping is never fun but lets say I got this. Remember me, American badass over here.  Rebel without a cause.

My next IUI is tentatively scheduled a week after that around the 23rd depending on what they find or do not find in my HSG.

Enough about my vagina monologue and more about what today really is about. My five year wedding Anniversary.  This is my third out of the past five spent away from D so for all you creepers wishing to add to your spank bank I am sorry to get your hopes up when I say nothing crazy, romantic, or exciting is going on in the Spurling house tonight. I do however have a life-sized cardboard cut out but that would make for an awkward video.  The chance of my grandmas reading that makes for an even more awkward ending.  To counteract I will end with a few pictures from todays oh so un-awkward day.

This was our Anniversary care package we sent to daddy a few weeks ago.  Meia was lazy and only watched me make it. Little freeloader that she is.

In light of it being our Anniversary I broke out fake daddy the night before but I think Barry really thought it was him. When I woke up he was sleeping on top of him and I started to tear up thinking how sweet it was.  It may have been just coincidence but Barry sleeps at the end of the bed most of the time.  So for now I will just say awwwwwwwwwwww.
Happy 5 years babe. Here is to 70 more!

Finally our hot date. Please excuse my husband he spilled something on his shirt and had to take it off.


Last but not least I shared our anniversary with ironically military spouse day. I am not sure what that means really.  If Tricare would step up and pay for any or all of my infertility bills that would be an appreciation but for now I guess this picture saying happy military spouse day will have to do.

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