Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day and Humble Pie

If you look up the words Memorial Day online at Wikipedia you will find the definition as follows:

Yes, I may have added a nice fitting background to the definition for the purpose of inserting a picture. But lets not confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day peeps.  This day is reserved to remember those that paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives so you can enjoy life as a free citizen and to keep the wars far away from home.  Regardless if you are against the wars prior and present, today is a day about remembrance and paying respect to the brave men and woman who sacrificed their lives for you to be able to have a right to that opinion.  It is not asking much. Just one day to honor those braver than ourselves who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

What Memorial day isn't about.  This isn't about my husband who we know is currently serving. I am very proud of him. Understatement.  Your talking about the girl who started #militarymonday instead of #mancrushmonday on IG.  But today isn't about him.  He is alive and will be home this fall and I am thankful for that.  Just as my brother-in-law E is alive and well and he is a welder. Thank you E for all those awesome railing jobs!!! Woo hoo, go welders! 

What bothers me is from what I have seen today and on holidays like this during my entire life, is that some military wives are so entitled and they "wear" there husbands military career like a badge around their necks. I am tired of being faulted and categorized with these group of sympathy, put me on a pedestal junkies.  I just think some women need to have a slice of humble pie and just because your husband is serving in the military doesn't make you a better person or shouldn't warrant a pity party.  You should be proud of who you are and your own life accomplishments and not try to gain reflections of your spouses military career as who you are. 

Oh boy, the feathers are ruffled for sure on this one.  I am not saying it doesn't take a special person to "man" the home front, be alone for years including faithfully(what is so hard about keeping your legs closed, really never understood that one), bending till you almost break with decisions out of your control, moving, selling/buying a house, unknown everything, deployments constantly changing, and of course hurry up and wait all over and over again.  These are all things you should be proud of.  I mean you did marry your spouse for "better or worse," or did you leave that part out of your vows?

Humble pie people. That's all I am saying.  I myself had to take a step back and eat a slice. I had put on my Instagram info(no one really looks at but still) "4th deployment/ IUI #1". Yes my profile is private not public and I am not out requesting people left and right looking for more followers to make me feel good about myself and my husband being a Marine, it is my TTC outlet.  With that said, I only wanted my TTC followers to understand that I was doing the IUIs alone and with frozen sperm hence putting that as my info.  I think however after seeing that over and over it annoyed me, like I was trying to put myself on a heroic pedestal.  So I quietly took it down.  There is a pretty clear line between having pride and going around being entitled.  Lets just try to steer clear of the latter.  I have a deep military, family background and now also a spouse so to say I am proud to be an American and love our military is again an understatement.

Ok my shortened lesson is done for the day.  Yes, I have a substantial amount of writing I could do on this topic, but let me try to keep it classy and end here on such a special day.

So how did I spend my Memorial Day weekend so thankfully?? Lets just say I scored a great deal on a swimming pool that I have been wanting since last summer.  Something easy to install, alone, as I am a little human being.  My husband has always called me Polly Pocket(original IG name) so I needed a pool that I could actually put together alone.  Here is me with my awesome deal! They added an additional 15% off for opening a credit card. Hooray for good credit. So with tax I ended up paying around 210.
Yes 130lbs. I am 5' 2" on a good day and can now say with all the fertility bloating inducing drugs I weigh around 112lbs on a skinny day.  Only a guess though, I haven't been on a scale in 10 months. Besides the point. This was hilarious trying to pull out of my car.  It felt like I was pulling a baby hippo out of a water hose.  I successfully manged to flip flop it to the center of the ground cover and spent a few hours hooking up the filter.  All in all I would say it was "easy" to put together. If you have someone with any muscles then very easy. It is filling up as we speak.  For the record I had no clue it was going to be as massive as it is.  I was thinking 18 feet around not 18x18 feet across.  Whoops my bad sore muscles and back.  More room for my hopefully baby bump and my nephew is going to be super excited.

Oh yea, not reading all of these. Hopefully it doesn't fall apart in a week. I watched the little DVD they sent and used common sense.  Cross your fingers my yard doesn't get an extra watering this week via 5400 gallons.
This is my main squeeze, my chubby bubby, my nephew who keeps me busy during deployments over summers and holidays. Can't wait to pick him up soon and have some fun again.
Hope everyone has had a great Memorial Day and is thankful for those that made that happen, I know I am all the time.  Until next time kids. xoxoxo

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