Sunday, May 26, 2013

Music Is Therapy For The Soul Part 2

I apologize for those of you that were waiting in anticipation yesterday for me to post my happy little upbeat playlist.  I had a long day at work coupled with some cramping from my IUI and lets just say this party pooper was in bed early. I hope I can make it up to you.  If not....I expect you to stop paying me next week.

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend being that it is Memorial Day tomorrow.  You thought I would leave that out this weekend? Come on, you know better than that of me.  That's like saying a breast cancer survivor will not wear any pink during the month of October. Not only is my husband actively serving but I grew up an Army brat with a father who served 20+ years along with his five brothers who all served.  Do not dare give any sympathy or credit to me. They are the ones to be thankful for. But yes...that's where she gets her American pride, support our troops character from.  More about Memorial day tomorrow.  Remember this picture below when your enjoying your time off work, being with family or friends, doing nothing at all; just simply being free to do anything you please.  Just be thankful tomorrow with whatever it is you are doing even if it is absolutely nothing.  The men and women who lost their lives just so you can and keep continuing to do so or not do so.  I am certain this woman below would give anything to trade your day at the beach, park or home to have her hero back in her arms.

Hope that wasn't too motivational for you. Too bad if it was, the X at the top right corner of your screen is where you can see yourself out.  YES. Out of the country would be a nice gesture.  Good luck with that. 
Now lets get this party started with some inspiring, upbeat less sad more happy songs.  I am not going to describe them this time. All you get is a the artist, title and one random video with my whole playlist at the end of this post, in no particular order.  Fancy right? Agreed.  I was busy trying to install a monster sized swimming pool today(alone) and lets just say tomorrow is a new day.  Note to self: 18 feet is bigger than I think. Idiot. 
It is 1am now and this little birdie likes to catch the worm finish the pool early tomorrow.  You can scroll through the last video to see the rest or visit my YT channel(link is on homepage). Please add ones you would like to share with others and myself in the comments below. Enjoy your day tomorrow! It is suppose to be a gorgeous 80 and sunny here in the Carolinas. Happy Memorial Day and let us never forget!
Addison Road, Hope Now
Alicia Keys, New Day
Alicia Keys, Superwoman
Destinys Child, Survivor
Christinia Aguilera, Fighter
Kelly Clarkson, Stronger
Demi Lovato, Skyscraper
Jordin Sparks, One Step At A Time
Miley Cyrus, The Climb
Mariah Carey, Hero
Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, When You Believe
Brian McKnight, Win
Jason Mraz, I Won't Give Up
Michael Buble, Haven't Met You Yet
The Script, Hall Of Fame
Evanescence, Bring Me To Life
Avril Lavigne, Keep Holding On
Journey, Don't Stop Believing
Bon Jovi, Living On A Prayer
Elton John, Blessed
Tom Petty, Learning To Fly
Tom Petty, Time To Move On
Steve Miller Band, Dance Dance Dance (obvi dancing is therapy for me)
Lady Antebellum, One Day You Will
Rodney Atkins, If Your Going Through Hell
Rascal Flatts, Stand
Garth Brooks, Standing Outside The Fire
Martina Mcbride, Anyway
Carrie Underwood, So Small

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